One off ideas for brands reacting to news or interesting insights.

All tissues are the same but everyone has a different and unique sneeze. Kleenex also recently faced backlash over 'Man-sized' tissues but they're only 'man-sized' because they're bigger...


Kleenex introduces tailored tissues for the different kind of sneezes. 


Encyclopedia app to explain the different sneezes.


Alexa Skills


Alexa has plug in's (skills) that allow you to personalise your device. The 'Sneeze Detector' lets you know what sneeze you are and what tissues you need.


Electric devices, music and notifications can distract you from immersing yourself in the story you're readying. Waterstones introduce 'The book readers' carriage. Similar to the silent carriage, where book readers can commute with no distractions.

kodak app 2.png
sorted logo.png

With smart phones a digital camera's the excitement and anticipation of waiting for your photo's to be developed as disappeared.

Kodak introduces a new app which delivers you 24 randomly selected 6x4 printed photo's.

Upload as many pictures to the

Kodak Sorted app...

Send them off by filling out your details and payment...

Wait for Kodak to send your pictures.

You'll receive 24 randomly selected pictures from the ones you uploaded, mimicking the same principle of a film camera.