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  • 1x Hungarian adrenaline junkie

  • 1x Northern Yorkshire tea lover

  • 8x Pairs of dungarees

  • 1x Mad Rubik’s cube solving skills

  • 1x Obsession with Birkin bags

  • 9x Whistles from Heaven nightclub

  • 1x D&AD New Blood one's to watch & Pitch-off winners


Network 360 (Budapest) 30-06-2017

Ordered one half of the team for a month. Good thinking but still have a lot to learn.

Springer and Jacoby (Budapest) 30-07-2018

Got the limited Hungarian edition. Nice to hear different thinking.​

Portas  30-04-2018

Bought the British half of the team. Very enthusiastic, it was great to have him. ​

Kindred  30-04-2018

Had the Hungarian girl. Good ideas needs a bit of polishing. Would order again.​

Kindred  30-07-2019

Ordered the full team. Open-minded, ​hard-working team. They work very well together.

Aesop  30-12-2019

Full team. We are big fans. You can trust them with anything, they will deliver.​