A Lock-down has changed the way of working and given opportunities to be more flexible with where it's done and when we do so.

When choosing to work from home it no longer needs to be just from our own house, Airbnb offers over 7 million homes fit for work all over the world. 


Airbnb introduce a “work from homes” badge that gets applied to homes that fit the WFH criteria.

Based on: Desk/table space, Stable wifi connection, Inspiring environment. Reviews


the prints will be strategically placed in busy cities showing people there is an opportunity to get out for a period o f time.  The print will encourage them to explore the freedom that comes with the new remote way of working post lock-down.


Try out what your video call background would look like if you worked from your chosen Airbnb. 


Increase Airbnb’s visibility across social media by replying to WFH posts.