Brief: Create a new product for Red Bull to disrupt the market.

Red Bull extreme athletes don’t want to waste time sleeping. 

An ‘efficiency mattress topper’ for those who need extreme sleep.


PRODUCT: App to advise you when to got to sleep. Also monitoring your energy level and REM cycle. Giving you the best sleep in a much shorter amount of time




GUERRILLA: Footsteps around popular places stating that this athlete has already trained here 4 hours earlier. Placing them for 8 am in the morning catching the morning commuters

DIRECT MAIL: Eye masks and PJ’s sent to the extreme athletes. Research shows that the most efficient night sleep need to be in complete darkness. 

*This set is created for Dean Karnazes, and ultra marathon runner. He completes super-human runs including 50 marathons in 50 days. He needs the most efficient night sleep.